Why should a musician have a chiropractor?


As a musician, you are taught correct posture when playing your instrument or singing, why should you need a chiropractor? As you can probably guess, this is being written by the avid musician in the family, Juliana.

As a funny anecdote, I had a voice professor who overly stressed the importance of posture while singing, and would often bring up her “chiropractor” telling her so. I suspect that her husband is one of the chiropractors in my college town.

You could be doing everything right, and still have pain and tension somewhere. From an article on Tri State Clinic, it says “Musicians put their bodies through a lot. They practice for hours a day and, depending on the instrument played, engage certain parts of their bodies in repetitive type motions for long periods of time.” Many people understand the mechanics of singing. Singers will have to stand in a similar position for a long period of time, depending on what they’re doing, in order to use correct technique. Many female presenting opera singers will often wear some type of heel in their performances, which can make these aches and pains much worse.

If you do not take care of your body before and after performances, using the correct technique can be painful and difficult. Chiropractors can help in this process in many ways, including correcting spine alignment, helping get a full range of motion on your joints, as well as your neck for many string players, and often massaging out any tense muscles that are used with your instrument, which includes the voice.



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